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Thermometers & Pressure Gauges

Thermometers | Pressure Gauges | Test Kits


Size (in)
OAL (in)MaterialRangeLower
Connection (in)
Thermowell (in)Fill
VA9-1917-1/2ABS10-120 F / 0-50 C3/43/4 BrassRed Spirit
VA9-2917-1/2ABS30-240 F / 0-115 C3/43/4 BrassRed Spirit
T-12515SS 30425-125 F0.142N/AN/A
T-16015SS 304-40-160 F0.142N/AN/A
T-22015SS 3040-220 F0.142N/AN/A
T-50015SS 30450-500 F0.142N/AN/A
TX-16025SS 304-40-160 F0.142N/AN/A
TX-22025SS 3040-220 F0.142N/AN/A

TW-1     Brass thermowell, 3-1/2" insertion, 3/4" NPT connection

Typical Specifications:
Industrial thermometer shall have 9" adjustable face, 180 degree rotation range, red-reading non-mercury filled liquid, ABS impact resistant case, brass thermowell for 3-1/2" insertion depth, black graduation on white face background, and dual temperature scales.


Pressure Gauges

Size (in)
Connection (in)
PGS-14-1/2SS 3040-60 PSIG / 0-4154 Kpa1/4Brass
PGS-24-1/2SS 3040-100 PSIG / 0-700 Kpa1/4Brass
PGS-34-1/2SS 3040-300 PSIG / 0-2100 Kpa1/4Brass
G2-302-1/2Black Steel0-30 PSIG1/4Brass
G2-602-1/2Black Steel0-60 PSIG1/4Brass
G2-1002-1/2Black Steel0-100 PSIG1/4Brass
G2-1602-1/2Black Steel0-160 PSIG1/4Brass
G2-2002-1/2Black Steel0-200 PSIG1/4Brass
G3-1003-1/2Black Steel0-100 PSIG1/4Brass

Pressure Gauge Accessories

PS-025Pressure snubber, brass1/4 MNPT x 1/4 FNPT1500# @ 70F
SY-025Steam syphon, brass1/4 MNPT x 1/4 MNPT500# @ 400F
GV-025Gauge valve1/4 MNPT x 1/4 FNPT1500# @ 70F
NV-025Needle valve1/4 FNPT x 1/4 FNPT600# @ 300F

Typical Specifications:
Pressure gauge shall have 4-1/2" dial, SS304 case, white coated dial face and black graduation, glass window and screw type recalibrator. Movement, bourdon tube and socket of brass construction. Accuracy to ANSI B.40 1 grade A.


Pressure/Temperature Test Kits

TK- 1-2.5Carrying Case, (1) G2 Gauge, (2) TX Thermometers, (1) GA Gauge Adapter
TK- 2-2.5Carrying Case, (2) G2 Gauge, (2) TX Thermometers, (2) GA Gauge Adapter
TK- 1-3.5Carrying Case, (1) G3 Gauge, (2) TX Thermometers, (1) GA Gauge Adapter
TK- 1-3.5Carrying Case, (2) G3 Gauge, (2) TX Thermometers, (2) GA Gauge Adapter


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